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  1. I watched Tiny Kitchen Cook Off on SBS Food today, the first time I’ve heard of/seen this series. Today it featured Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor (from Xena Warrior Princess). It was good fun with both actresses trying to cook with tiny kitchen implements. They were interviewed by podcaster Monica Padman – I’d never heard of her before and don’t listen to podcasts. Ill certainly watch another episode.

      1. It’s definitely not canned laughter… however as reported a few years ago, some of it may be forced because if you don’t appear like you are loving everything Wil Anderson is doing on set he will get snooty :p

  2. If I drive past pin oak court in my own car just past on the street that crosses it (weeden drive), how likely am I to see neighbours filming scenes on pin oak court? Do they film on the court location often? If I just drive past on weeden dr

    1. If you want to avoid filming, go on a weekend, you’ll be fine as they do not film in the street on weekends. You’ll likely be able to walk into the street, but a security guard will be there just to make sure you don’t do anything you shouldn’t. Weekday’s they generally film 1-2 days, but you cannot see much from Weeden Drive as trucks and security often restrict the view as well as access to the street. When I was there in 2013, they were filming a scene with Karl and Georgia in the Kennedy Driveway, and you could barely hear or see them.

  3. A little while ago someone wrote in asking if 1% Club series had finished. I looked it up and it is meant to have 8 episodes. According to 7 plus only 7 have been shown. So what has happened to the last episode. Or are they keeping it for later seeing the last episode screened had a very successful ending.

  4. I’ve never seen or heard this before.. can someone explains this!?
    How does Channels 9Gem & 7Flix both have Law & Order/SVU on their Channels!??
    Since when can all different Networks, 7, 9 &10 all have the same TV Show Rights??

    Cheers thanks!

    1. And Universal on cable. Ten has first run rights for the current season and repeats to last season. For older episodes if someone has a distribution deal they are acting as an agent for Universal and obligated to sell them to who ever wants to buy them. If there is no distribution deal, which I think is the case then Universal which owns them, can sell rights to who ever wants them. There’s been 24 seasons, so plenty of eps available for different broadcasters to lease a season or a block of 100 syndicated eps.

  5. Depending on the bandwidth, there should be +1 channels for free-to-air TV. If not on digital terrestrial, then they could be added to the on-demand TV apps. It gives added options to gain viewers. Especially viewers that see the program title on-screen or are aware that there was a program an hour ago that the viewer is keen to watch. Or say a viewer likes the style of a particular channel, but wants a different show.

    Some viewers like myself, like the linear broadcasts because it’s already curated, instead of choosing the program on-demand

      1. +2 is quite innovative. It may not happen on terrestrial digital, though they could do it on the apps. A good way to push viewers onto the apps with all of the digital transition going on. I know ABC iView has the other timezone broadcasts, which is convenient as it was only available through satellite for many years, though if it’s across the board on all channels and networks, that’ll increase the viewership just based on choice and variety alone. If there’s a show listed to watch on time shift, that’ll prevent viewers switching over to another channel or app, and encourage viewers to stay with the channel or network.

  6. Just finished off 5 more shows… and it just so happens that they were all on Binge.
    Mrs. Davis S1 – I sat to the bitter end very unimpressed with this mess of a show, and I only went the distance because it had Damon Lindelof as one of its creatives. What a disappointment.
    Bupkis S1 – Surprise packet for sure… I actually like the polarising Pete Davidson so I went in half on board already. The final episode was a real highlight.
    Love & Death – Instantly enters my Top 5 shows so far this year. Like Bupkis, this surprised me. Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Pelphrey (as always) were flawless. I seriously loved this show, especially the way they presented the story. A real winner.
    Slip S1 – A mixed bag. A very odd show that I’m not sure what the entire point of it was. Certainly a unique take on the multiverse. Zoe Lister-Jones was excellent though.
    A Town Called Malice S1 – Totally loved the aesthetic of this. Music was on point. A great little family crime tale.

    1. Always great to see these mini-reviews from readers. Thanks Troy.
      Of those, I have only seen Mrs. Davis, which I enjoyed more than you, but is definitely hard to recommend given how totally bonkers it is.
      Love & Death was up next for me anyway. I’ve delayed it a bit as I only recently watched Candy on Disney+, which is based on the same real life murder & beat Love & Death to air. If you have seen Candy, how do you compare them?

      1. I agree, I love to read little reviews and thoughts from readers regarding the endless amount of content out there. And yeah I’ve heard of Jessica Biel’s Candy but it passed me by last year unfortunately. I’m not sure I could watch this story again so soon after Love & Death but I might eventually watch it. One thing I can say is that it’ll have to do a hell of a lot right to come close to what I just watched. It was superb.

    2. I watched only one episode of all of them. Bupkis was not my style. Love & Death is a well known legal case and I wasn’t interested in rehashing it again. The others were a total mess. Though Gilipin was good in Mrs Davis the story was obviously going nowhere. I’ve been rewatching the early seasons of Supernatural.

  7. Will any Australian TV channel, multichannel or streaming service ever air the Fox show in the States, “Call Me Kat”?

    You know, the Miranda remake with Mayim Bialik from TBBT?

  8. I know NITV has had comedy in the past, though it was stand-up and sketch comedy, though what about a sitcom?

    It could be about an Indigenous family or business in the suburbs, featuring the whole community and any adventures.

  9. With the Logies nominations coming out on Monday morning, will we ever see which programs & stars the networks sent out to be in contention of the Popular Awards? For 60 odd years, the popular awards were made by us, the public.

    And from around the mid 1990s until 2019, there was a checklist on who we can vote for (and who got omitted, which there are many articles on this site containing that).

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