SBS On Demand: Hudson and Rex, Silent Road, 1985, El Inmortal: Gangs of Madrid.

Canada's version of Inspector Rex drops today, plus dramas from Greece & Spain.

Hudson & Rex, Canada’s version of Austrian / Italian drama Inspector Rex, will premiere today at SBS on Demand.

All screening are Greek dramas Silent Road & 1985 and Spain’s crime drama El Inmortal: Gangs of Madrid.

Thursday 22 June:

Hudson and Rex
Season 1 & 2. All episodes available.
Detective Charlie Hudson has a sterling reputation within the St. John’s Police Department. When a K9 Unit officer dies in the line of duty, Charlie takes in her canine partner, Rex, and soon realizes that the German Shepherd has a knack for discovering subtle clues easily missed by humans. Seeing potential in a detective with keen extrasensory abilities, Superintendent Joseph Donovan makes Rex a bona fide member of the Major Crimes team, and Charlie’s official partner in the field.

Silent Road
All thirteen episodes available. In Greek with English subtitles.
In one of the richest suburbs of Athens, the bus of a private school disappears. On board the bus were nine elementary students from rich and powerful families, along with the bus driver and chaperon. The police forces scout the area and Nasos, an experienced detective, is placed in charge of the investigation. In a strange turn of events, Thalia, a young journalist and the black sheep of one of the most powerful families in town, becomes the only person the kidnappers chose to communicate with. Thalia immediately becomes a person of interest for the police. Stars Penelope Tsilika, Dimitris Lalos and Christos Loulis.

All eight episodes available. In Greek with English subtitles.
Set against the backdrop of Belgium’s most notorious unsolved crime spree, 1985 centres around three friends – Vicky, her brother Franky, and his best friend Marc as they begin a new chapter in their lives and set off from their hometown to Brussels. But as they start adulthood and their careers in the big city, the trio risk losing their innocence and noble illusions when they find themselves caught in the middle of the horrifying events that not only shocked a generation but left a scar on the country’s past. Stars Tijmen Govaerts, and Titus De Voogdt.

El Inmortal: Gangs of Madrid
All thirteen episodes available. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Flanked by his hot-headed brother Sebas and his more cautious chum Rober, José-Antonio rises up the ranks to become a drug lord in Spain in the 90’s. Knowing when to stay in the grey and when to strike hard sets José apart from his rivals and helps him cheat death more than a handful of times. Expanding his reign to party paradise Ibiza, José and his gang – now baptised ‘Los Miami’ for their ruby-red baseball jackets – uproot the island’s underworld power structure.
El Inmortal – Gangs of Madrid S1 will also play at a later date on SBS and will be available

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